Buy and Sell Digital Assets like Bitcoin

Allow your users to seamlessly buy and sell digital assets using our flexible API or pre-built digital banking integrations.


Users are turning to non-traditional financial service providers and are leaving their bank or credit union to acquire digital assets (crypto). A recent analysis of the prior year indicates that banks and credit unions are losing on average 3% of deposits to non-traditional competitors offering crypto related services. In addition, users are paying substantial fees to fund and access digital assets.


Allow your users to buy and sell digital assets (crypto) through your digital banking solution. Reduce the cost to acquire for your users, maintain your relationship with the user, and provide a level of trust and security unmatched by non-traditional financial service providers.

The Benefits

A Digital Asset Product Offering

Leverage Sequoir’s conversion infrastructure and provide leading-edge digital asset solutions.


Customize the digital assets that you allow your users to buy and sell.

Institution level
User level
BTC, ETH, and 150+
Increase Revenue

Earn revenue on each transaction performed by your crypto users.

Flexible pricing
Optional transaction fees

Leverage the loyalty and trust you provide as a bank or credit union.

Retain users
Expand wallet share
Establish new relationships
Reduced Fees

Eliminate costly account funding fees by up to 4% for your users.

No card processing fee
No ACH processing fee
Eliminate chargebacks

A Complete Toolset for Digital Asset Operations

Sequoir’s provides financial instituions an integrated and flexible solution to effectively view user balances and transactions.

Flexible Integrations

View digital asset account balances directly from your core, CRM, teller system, or other third-party application.


Robust reporting capabilities with integrations into enterprise content management systems.

Developer Dashboard

With the optional Institution API from Sequoir you can customize the way you interact with your users and their digital assets.


Risk & Compliance

A proactive approach as it relates to risk and compliance for financial institutions.

User Management

Activate and deactive users based on pre-determined business rules.

BSA / AML Compliance

Automated transaction monitoring, fraud detection, and audit trails


Leverage the loyalty and trust you provide as a bank or credit union.

Why Sequoir?

Our ethos as a financial technology firm is to provide value back to your institution. Sequoir does not try establish a relationship directly with your user or to expose our brand.


Long-term flexibility


Invisible infrastructure provider


No direct to consumer offering


FI-focused digital solutions