Accept Digital Assets as Collateral on Loans

Allow your borrowers to use their crypto as collateral on traditional loans with your financial institution.

Financial Institution

Attract new lending relationships by allowing digital assets as collateral.


Leverage digital asset wealth to obtain traditional loans through banks and credit unions.


Banks and credit unions do not have an efficient and seamless method to accept digital assets as collateral for loans. Volatility in cryptocurrency prices present risks to financial institutions that need to be mitigated.


Using our safe and secure digital asset collateralization service allows you to take cryptocurrency as collateral by leveraging our regulated third-party custodian. In conjunction with our real-time pricing monitoring, agreed upon terms with your borrower limits the downside price risk of the assets.

The Benefits

Crypto Collateral on Your Terms

As an institution you define the terms of the agreement, the digital assets used as collateral, and the threshold limit to protect your position.


Accept BTC, ETH and 150+ digital assets as collateral. Establish your own leverage ratios using our best practices as guidance.

Digital Asset Control Agreement™

Use our proprietary DACA to establish terms between you an your borrower. Agree to the type of assets used as collateral and limit prices that can trigger liquidation.

Asset Price Monitoring

We monitor the prices of digital assets held in collateral 24/7/365. If desired, automated liquidation of the digital assets can occur when the agreed upon limit price is reached. Assets will be sold and converted to USD.


An Innovative Approach

Think outside the box to leverage Sequoir’s technology and open new markets.


Digital Assets are held in our regulated custodian, BitGo, until released by the Financial Institution.


Extremely efficient, Bitcoin and other digital assets can immediately be liquidated in the event of default.


Real-time position monitoring for the institution and the borrower, combined with the public blockchain creates full transparency.

Why Sequoir?

Our ethos as a financial technology firm is to provide value back to your institution. Sequoir does not try establish a relationship directly with your user or to expose our brand.


Long-term flexibility


Invisible infrastructure provider


No direct to consumer offering


FI-focused digital solutions