Vertbase Announces Rebrand to Sequoir

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Green Bay, WI - Vertbase, a blockchain-built exchange for buying and selling digital assets, today announced the business’ rebrand to Sequoir. The comprehensive rebrand emphasizes our focus to provide a global exchange for a variety of asset classes and includes a new logo, positioning, and website.


Sequoir’s unique blend of non-custodial services, combined with multiple payment options, is able to meet the digital asset needs of customers in 117 countries. Sequoir will continue to develop its instant buy platform, helping customers exchange digital assets, and provide capabilities to invest in new asset classes. With the extensive rebranding efforts, Sequoir will continue to offer best-in-class service with white-glove support, while investing further in marketing, regional access, and community-focused partnerships.

“The growth of our company and the entry into new markets, asset verticals, and service offerings are symbolic of the evolution of our brand,” said Justin Seidl, CEO. “We took this opportunity to rethink not just our name, but our vision in a rapidly evolving industry. Our new brand identity as Sequoir will amplify our offering and vision for the foreseeable future.”

More Than Just a Rebrand

The Sequoir team is excited to announce more than just a rebrand. Today our team has begun pushing a variety of updates to the platform that follows the evolution of our brand.

Buy & Sell in 27 Total Countries

In addition to the five countries with fiat buying and selling capabilities currently, 22 new countries have been added with a direct fiat pairing to the Euro. Sequoir offers instant Euro buys for the following countries:

View our list of countries, trading options, and fiat pairings.

Debit Card Processing

You’ve asked and our team has worked incredibly hard to make this happen! Debit card processing will begin to be rolled out to select customers in multiple phases starting today.

To start, phase 1 will include support for customers in the United States that have been verified. Customers will be able to add their card and transact their maximum monthly balance or $500 daily.

Next, phase 2 will open support for customers in the United Kingdom and quickly followed by phase 3 which will include card processing for customers in Canada and Australia.

Additional details regarding the rollout of debit card processing are to follow. Be sure to follow Sequoir on Twitter to receive the latest updates.

New Asset Listings

Continued research and the listing of assets with cutting-edge technology, a dedicated development team, and a positive community remains a core value of the Sequoir team.

Today the following three digital assets will be available for buy, sell, and swap trades. In addition, for the first time on our platform three stablecoins will be available for buy and sell trades.

Digital Assets


Check It Out!

Visit to view the rebrand, explore our added payment options, and trade one of our new asset listings.