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With Sequoir you can buy and sell digital assets, like Bitcoin, with the US Dollar. Sign up and start trading in under 5 minutes!

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DigiByte - Jared Tate

An excellent way to get started!

Sequoir's approach to making sure users take charge of their own digital assets and private keys from the very beginning should be an industry standard. Anyone looking to link a bank account and get their first DigiByte should try Sequoir.

1. Create

The first thing you need to do is to create a Sequoir account with your name, email, and location. For added security, we also require a phone number used for two-factor authentication.

2. Verify

After you sign up, verify your identity in two easy steps to meet our compliance standards. Once verified you can begin buying and selling digital assets.

3. Trade

After initiating your first purchase we will complete your order and deliver your digital assets directly to your wallet. Selling your digital assets works the same way but in reverse with funds sent to you after Sequoir receives your transferred assets.

Get Started

Get Started

Create an Account in Under 5 Minutes

US residents can sign up, verify their account, and trade digital assets  with the US Dollar in as little as 5 minutes.

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