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Who is Alkami?

Alkami is a leading provider of digital banking solutions for banks and credit unions. Their platform enables financial institutions to provide a full suite of digital banking services, from account opening and management to payments, transfers, and more.

What Does the Integration Offer?

Sequoir integrates the ability for bank customers to buy, sell, and hold digital assets directly within Alkami. Users can purchase digital assets, store them in a secure digital wallet, and track their investments. Users can view their balances and transactions in real-time, and they can transfer in and out of digital wallets as needed.

The integration also allows customers to exchange digital assets for fiat currencies, as well as other digital assets, with minimal fees.

Buy & Sell Digital Assets

Users can buy and sell digital assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, through their digital banking app. Integrated into Alkami’s digital banking solution, Sequoir provides a simple and secure widget to trade digital assets in as little as three clicks.

Hold & Transfer

Users can view their digital assets holdings directly through the Alkami digital banking solution. Digital assets are held with a US-regulated custody provider. The financial institution has the option to allow its users to transfer digital assets to and from external wallets.

Transaction History & Reporting

Users can seamlessly view and export their digital asset transaction history.  Reporting for the financial institution is provided in two ways, via the Sequoir admin portal or batch uploaded to the financial institution’s report archive.

Other Integrations...