Invite a friend to Vertbase and you’ll both receive $5!

Unlike other referral programs we structured Invite at an achievable entry level.

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Invite Rules

  1. A minimum $50 buy order is completed by the new customer.

  2. Referrals are paid out with a payout balance minimum of $25.

  3. You may refer as many people as you are able, with the exception of yourself.

  4. Referral code cookies are good for 30 days

  5. Payouts are made in your currency (USD, GBP, or EURO) or digital asset of choice available on Vertbase.

  6. As long as 5 completed invites are made, Vertbase will honor this offer and you will not be affected by the following; Vertbase has the right to change, suspend or terminate this offer at any time without prior warning.

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Sign up, buy, sell, and swap digital assets with the USD, GBP, and EURO.

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