Digital Banking

A Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets trading and custody platform solution for financial institutions.

With Sequoir’s simple and secure digital banking integration, you can allow your customers to buy Bitcoin and a variety of other digital assets without ever leaving your financial institution. We offer both on-balance and off-balance sheet custodial options to our financial institution partners based upon their risk appetite and regulatory environment.

A pioneer in providing digital asset infrastructure

Your customers can access funds from their deposit accounts directly to purchase digital assets and reduce, or eliminate account funding fees charge by non-traditional competitors

Attract new customers to by offering a seamless experience to purchase and manage digital assets within a traditional digital banking platform

Allow your customers to view their digital assets and traditional bank accounts in one app

Increase non-interest income opportunities

Provide your customers piece of mind by allowing them to use a federally regulated financial institution to buy and sell digital assets

Position your financial institution to offer innovative products and services to your customers as regulations continue to rapidly evolve in the digital asset space

Buy, Sell, and Swap Digital Assets.

Sign up, buy, sell, and swap digital assets with the USD, GBP, and EURO.

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