Digital assets made simple.

Founded at the start of 2018, Sequoir is a blockchain-built exchange for buying and selling digital assets, currently available in 117 countries, and fiat trading pairs with the US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar, and Candian Dollar.


An idea is born

Justin Seidl establishes American Trade Exchange, Inc. (Sequoir) in the United States. The primary goal is to provide a simple US Dollar to Vertcoin instant buy and sell platform.


Beta launch with Vertcoin

After months of development, compliance, and forging banking partnerships, Sequoir launches to its beta users with the ability to buy and sell Vertcoin directly with the US Dollar.


Offering multiple digital assets

Sequoir begins offering US Dollar pairings for multiple digital assets. DigiByte, Litecoin, and Bitcoin are added to the platform and available to buy or sell.


Expansion into Europe

After announcing their plans for expansion at the DigiByte Global Summit 2019. Sequoir expands into Europe and offers fiat pairings with the Pound Sterling and Euro.



Be your own bank

Sequoir provides the tools to simply and securely control your digital assets. We vow to never hold your assets and promote a non-custodial approach.


Genuinely care for peole

No matter how big or small the request. Sequoir genuinely cares for the people that work for Sequoir and the people that do business with Sequoir.


Integrity and ethical values

Leading by example with integrity and ethical values ensure a premium experience for our people that we hope resonates with the industry as a whole.


A crypto community

Sequoir works toward breaking down the walls of crypto tribalism. Fostering relationships between crypto communities and teams helps to push the industry forward as a whole.


A Global Organization

As a global organization, Sequoir has offices across the globe in the United States and Australia. Sequoir is headquartered in Green Bay, WI 3 hours north of Chicago. Our international roots provide a platform and customer support that transcends borders.

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