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Our Partner API enables Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital asset execution, settlement, and custody to be embedded within your fintech app or financial institution.

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Sequoir provides digital asset infrastructure to power banks, fintechs, and the Web 3.0

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Unlock a powerful revenue stream by enabling your users to seamlessly buy, sell, and custody digital assets.

With Sequoir you can integrate a custom blockchain solution for your business.

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Infrastructure for Financial Institutions

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A true real-time platform with no start of day files to reconcile or end of day files to post, we provide APIs for real-time interactions.

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Low-cost pricing to launch and scale your product with new revenue opportunities not previously available.

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Emails, confirms, statements and tax documents that reflect your true brand, not something that looks like it was faxed over.

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Sequoir’s Partner API was built by developers, for developers. Transacting with the blockchain is just one API call away.

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curl --request GET \
    --url /api/v1/coins/btc
    "name": "Bitcoin",
    "code": "btc",
    "fiat_active": true,
    "swap_active": true,
    "confirmations": 2,
    "tx_fee": "0.0003"

Successful Integrations

Sequoir partners have utilized our API in a multitude of ways unique to each instance.

Purchasing Diamonds with Bitcoin

Diamonds4Crypto uses Sequoir to settle crypto payments into the US Dollar.

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